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Change of address

Order Processing Speed

Your order is shipped from a 3rd party warehouse in California (US & CA orders) and Singapore (to all other countries).
Our 3PLs are FAST and may pick, pack & ship the order within hours of you placing it. This is the desired result service everybody wants, but if you made an error on the address, this can quickly become a problem as we will have very little time to catch it before it ships.

Contacting Customer Service

Let us know immediately if you are aware of an error on your shipment. We will try to place the order on hold to correct it before it it picked and packed. However, we cannot guarantee this, even if you contact us before it ships, because the window of opportunity to catch it is very small and we are on Singapore timezone. We may not be able to answer all requests immediately and as such, cannot be held responsible for error made by customers.

What do to if the package has already shipped?

US Orders

UPS The delivery address can be changed via tracking page by the receiver on the UPS website.
All other carriers No change of address can be made for in-transit packages.

Orders shipped from Singapore

Singpost & Asendia don't accept any change of address requests as they are postal service and the package will go to the address printed on the label. The ability to change the address will be dependent on the postal services offered in your country. Check in early with them to see what can be done. Many countries offer the option to amend the address, while others make it complicated. It is the responsibility of the receiver to make the request for a change of address as we cannot contact local post offices around the world on behalf of customers.
DHL Express Contact us and we will try to place a request to updates the delivery address.

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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