FlowTip Milk Jug compatibility

Our FlowTip jugs are compatible with all stovetops but there are a few things to note:

The FlowTip jug is compatible with induction stoves but many models need to detect a minimum pot size in order to turn on. The FlowTip jug has a bottom diameter of 83mm (3.25") and may not be detected by all models. In the event that it is not directly compatible, then an induction diffuser may be used.

The Flowtip jug is compatible with gas stoves. Use it on the smallest setting and make sure the handle is not directly over the flame. Note that the black model will discolor a little bit at the bottom if used directly on an open flame. You may also use an stovetop diffuser to prevent this or select the stainless color.

Place the Flowtip offset from the center so the handle is not directly above the heat source. Be careful with the highly abrasive electric stoves such as the models with exposed coils or rough metal surfaces as the may scratch the black finish. I your electric stovetop is not the glass/ceramic type, we recommend selecting the stainless color jug.
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