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Which AA batteries should I use?

What are the best batteries to use?

Using good batteries is important because the faster the NanoFoamer spins, the more power it has to pull surface floating bubbles down and then them into microfoam.

Rechargeable vs Alkaline

We like to use rechargeable batteries because it is more ecological but also because you'll always have a fresh set of batteries ready to switch out at a moment's notice.

Branded vs Supermarket or OEM batteries

We highly recommend not choosing generic supermarket brand batteries. This YouTuber has tested dozens of battery types and it is quite shocking how little power there is in some of the generic brands.

Alkaline vs Lithium

We have tested the AA lithium (non-rechargeable) batteries with the NanoFoamer and they do work really well. They output 1.5V of power vs 1.2V for Alkaline so the motor does get an extra boost from that higher power. We have not tested the rechargeable lithium batteries but they should also work just fine.

Updated on: 18/04/2021

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