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Impeller Spinout

What do you do if the the NanoFoamer PRO doesn't make any foam and the milk is not hot enough?

If your NanoFoamer PRO did not create any foam and that milk ended up cool, you likely experienced a spinout or what we sometimes call a magnetic slip. If you pay attention, you'll also notice a high-pitched sound, and the milk stops churning when this happens.

The spinout happens when the magnets on the impeller lose traction with the magnets below the base as they quickly ramp up to 8000 RPM. When a spinout happens, the impeller stops spinning, and NanoFoamer PRO stops early.

The remedy is easy:
Make sure you press the lid on firmly before starting; this ensures the impeller is as low as possible inside the jug.
Loosen the shaft. The NanoFoamer PRO works best when the shaft is just finger-tight, as it allows the impeller to self-register easily.
Note that the shaft has a reverse thread, so you must loosen it clockwise. This feature ensures that it can never self-loosen in the jug, and you can freely leave it as loose as you wish when making microfoam.

Our first production run has several of the shafts slightly too tight so loosening them is a good idea anyway. Please watch the video below:

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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