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NanoFoamer PRO Temperature Troubleshooting

This article covers a few points about measuring & checking your final temperature.

The NanoFoamer PRO had a tolerance of about +/- 3° C
Upon the seeing "OK" on the display, the temperature will be around 55°C and continue heating toward 65°C where it will stop.
Only use a probe thermometer when measuring foamed milk.
Do not use an infrared thermometer. Unfoamed milk can be measure with an IR thermometer, but not foamed milk as the temperature of the foam will likely be about 5-10° cooler than the milk below and will continue cooling much faster than the milk below.
Never run a program without the lid on and take the temperature. If the milk is not being churned by the impeller, it will heat up unevenly and the PRO will stop early as it detects very hot milk at the bottom, while the milk above may still be lukewarm.
Finally, if the milk is lukewarm and you don't have proper foam, then you most likely experience a spinout and the unit stopped early. Please check this article to review and remedy the spinout issue: Impeller Spinout

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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